I'm the founder of Easy PC, which helps people get started with their PCs.

Easy PC reaches over 300 readers every day.


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Recently, I visited Rome, Israel, Seattle, Austin, Los Angeles, and Miami.

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I'm passionate about traveling. I want to travel through Europe and Asia with only a backpack and my laptop for months on end.

I love experiencing different cultures and, most especially, enjoying the beauty of the earth.

SEO Consulting

Easy PC ranks for competitive search terms, including:

and more...

According to Ahrefs, Easy PC has more than 220 backlinks from unique domains, all of which help my rankings in Google.

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I also work as an SEO manager for PartnerPal, an SEO consulting agency.

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I offer SEO services for $100/hour

Inquiries don't have to be computer related. Here are some things I can help with:

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In addition to creating Easy PC, I also founded Coin Cohort, a website designed to teach people how to buy cryptocurrency.

Coin Cohort I'm working on yet another site at the moment, but it hasn't been made public yet. Once it's live, I'll be sure to drop the link here too!


I currently work as a freelance content writer. At the moment, I write for 5 websites in addition to mine, though I've written for dozens of publications over the past two years.

In particular, I worked as a blockchain writer for Cryptoslate, a cryptocurrency news company.

I also write for a PC gaming website, mostly creating product reviews and how-to style posts.

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Here are a few of my author profiles on several websites:

I am a proficient native English writer. If you'd like to hire me to write for your website, I charge $0.10/word.

Keep in mind that – although my rates may be higher than other freelancers – I deliver the best end product.

I know how to write well, with SEO in mind.

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